LiveCoding Setup

LiveCoding Setup



This workshop will describe a robust, practical Livecoding setup developed over a number of events in the last 2 years that allows to play full-screen audiovisual shows using TidalCycles, Hydra and flok.

I will cover my technical setup in depth and discuss practical issues such as using flok for a full-screen experience, audio interfaces, sample management, audio setup in Supercollider, integrating Hydra with Text, 3D, Images and Video and MIDI communication between TidalCycles and Hydra.

Further topics are Livecoding without WIFI at the venue and OBS setup for streaming events. And I will share mistakes and learnings from streaming to a number of TopLap events and live performances at Silent Green, PAS and Ohm.

Participants should get a good understanding of issues and apply learnings to their own setups.

preparation¬†¬Ľ Some experience with Livecoding is recommended but optional. Software I will mention:


Michael Straeubig aka crcdng is a transdisciplinary theorist and practitioner with a focus on systems theory, playful design, and posthuman positions.

He received a Masters in Computer Science from the University Erlangen-Nuremberg and a PhD on designing playful systems as a Marie Curie Fellow from the School of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Plymouth.

Since 2021, crcdng is contributing to TopLap Berlin through Livecoding and Algorave sets at streaming events and gigs at Silent Green, PAS and Ohm.

Find more info on my website !