Lorenzo Berretti


Nabìr is the solo project of Rome-based audio + visual artist Lorenzo Berretti. Nabìr employs live coding on TidalCycles and SuperCollider with handmade cassette tape loops to create imaginative soundscapes and nostalgic atmospheres.

Both the music and the visuals are conceived as a warm and welcoming hug, a flood of memories that passes through the lenses of digital and computer manipulation.

A merging of the old and the new, where the boundaries between these dimensions are blurred through the re-contextualisation of live coding, cassettes, vhs, sampling, field recording, and looping. These compositions blur the genres of IDM, ambient, drone, and electronic music.

In his short career he has already participated to numerous events:

  • Opening to Dario Rossi @ Parco Appio (Roma)
  • L’ESSENZIALE è INVISIBILE Leikoru Project - Exhibition @ Tempio del futuro perduto (Milan)
  • 30 sec Museum (Neoshibuya Tv & New Media Art) - Exhibition @ Myashita Park, Japan (Tokyo)
  • Winner of Guarà Mapping Festival in Brasile (Guaratuba)
  • Artkeys Prize - Exhibition @ Angioino Castel (Agropoli)
  • VJ Open Lab (Never Knows Better) - VJ of a digital event (Berlin)”,

I use live-coding programs to create and play my music. I also use handmade cassette tape loops. My music is heavily influenced by the 90’s IDM scene (such as Aphex Twin, Square pusher…) and dream pop bands like Beach House.


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