fox & beat

fox & beat

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Level: Beginners (to be adapted to the participants already-existing knowledge)

This workshop will address sample-based music production with FoxDot/Renardo, focusing on beat-making and experimental use of loops.

It is thought to be an exhaustive introduction (from the very basics, to poly-rhythmic patterns exploration) to provide participants the practical tips to start composing beats as soon as possible, in order to join the rest of the workshop playing collaboratively by sharing codes on-the-fly and, most importantly, having fun together.

Anyone can take the chair and share their knowledge: this is thought to be an horizontal learning workshop, no top-down explanations by alleged expert. From four-to-the-floor syndicate members to curious of crooked rhythms, from people already familiar with the software to total strangers to the world of music theory or programming, everyone is more than welcome to actively participate to the workshop.

preparation » Just bring with you: a laptop (possibly with FoxDot/Renardo already installed, if problems during installation process will occur we can try to solve them together before the beginning of the workshop) and a pair of headphones (recommended).

Participants will be provided with a sample pack of (royalty-free) loops and all the materials used (and created by participants) during the workshop will be shared.


I’m pit [he/him], from Italy (currently based in Florenze, but always on the move). I have been a live coding aficionado for some time now, ever since I attended a workshop on SuperCollider back in 2019 or so. Since then I’ve been experimenting with different languages, trying to learn them by messing around, and eventually decided that FoxDot combined with Hydra for visuals were the ones for me.

In the last years I have held workshops for middle school students and, more recently, to live coding events/algoraves organised by toplap italia around the country, where I also performed live. I found Algorave so interesting as a social and collective phenomenon that I wrote my M.A. thesis in Sociology and Social Research about it. Sharing of knowledge and community construction are the things I care most in live coding - and beyond.

Find more info on my website !