Ranura Vacía

Ranura Vacía

Luis Ángel Orduña Gutiérrez


Luis Ángel Orduña Gutiérrez is an accomplished audiovisual artist based in Mexico City.

His educational background includes studies in music composition at the prestigious “Arte de Academia de Florencia,” located in Mexico City.

In addition to his significant contributions to experimental electronic music through the project “Ranura Vacía,” Mr. Orduña is recognized for his role as a guitarist and as the creative force behind the experimental jazz project “Antiánima.”

Fueled by a profound passion for electronic music, Mr. Orduña pursued advanced coursework in Ableton, Mixing and Mastering, and engaged in private tutelage# under the guidance of the esteemed Argentine producer, Oriana Tosi, the mastermind behind the acclaimed project “Sáccea.” Displaying an unwavering commitment to innovation, he undertook self-directed learning in Tidal cycles, a sophisticated live coding musical language.

In 2019, driven by an insatiable desire to expand his artistic horizons, Mr. Orduña delved into the realm of visual creation. Undertaking specialized courses in software applications such as Blender, TouchDesigner, Resolume Arena, and Hydra, he acquired the requisite technical skills and knowledge to seamlessly integrate music and visuals in his artistic endeavors.

With his audiovisual project “Ranura Vacía,” Mr. Orduña achieved a significant artistic milestone with the release of his inaugural EP in 2022.

This innovative work explored diverse musical palettes, encompassing glitch, breakcore, ambient, and noise genres.

The subsequent presentation of the EP, accompanied by visuals meticulously crafted by the artist himself, at the “LPM” festival in Münster, Germany, was met with resounding acclaim from both the audience and fellow artists.

This continued artistic exploration led to collaborations with esteemed poets such as Ruy Perea, the recipient of the “UNAM Premio de Poesía Joven” in 2022. The collaboration bore fruit in the creation of a compelling video poem titled “el bosque de Nemi,” showcased at the “Desobedece a la morsa” festival in 2022.

Further demonstrating his artistic prowess, Mr. Orduña’s contribution to a video poem titled “Río sin remedios” was featured at the same festival in 2023.


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