A day at the legendary c-base full of workshops and performances where music meets coding! We dive into real-time music creation using code and explore different platforms for audiovisual Live Coding and Algorave performance.

The Event

CtrlReturn provides an exploration of the creative synergies between sound, music and coding, transforming data patterns into immersive auditory experiences. This event is open for everyone - no matter if you are just curious about Live Coding or Algorave, a beginner or a seasoned performer. Or just drop by to enjoy music and drinks at the legendary c-base. Over the course of the day, attendees engage in workshops where they can learn to leverage computational methods for sonification and music making, accompanied by several performances ranging from experimental sound making during the daytime to dance-able electronic music in the evening.

Note that this event aims to be open and inclusive for everyone and expects attendees to follow the Berlin Code of Conduct.



Our motivation stems from the belief that strengthening Python's role in creative self-expression enhances its appeal. By integrating Python into music creation, we tap into the universal language of music, connecting with people on a profound level.

This initiative aims to stimulate engagement with Python and programming, particularly among young people. Recognizing the significant role music plays in shaping identities, we believe this event will bring individuals into contact with Python and its vibrant community, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.


The organizers’ background is rooted in the FoxDot / Renardo Live Coding environment that is based on Python and therefore we are especially grateful to PyCon.DE for supporting this non-profit event. We welcome PyCon.DE & PyData Berlin attendees to visit us - our location is just 15 minutes away - to unwind, connect and enjoy performances in the relaxed and unique parallel universe of c-base.