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Ctrlreturn.de – where Art meets Coding! During our monthly "CtrlReturn >> Jam&Learn" at c-base, we'll dive into real-time music and video creation using code and explore different platforms/tools for performances.

Live-Coding Audio

Using Software e.g. FoxDot/Renardo, Tidal Cycles, SonicPi, or SuperCollider to compose music

Live-Coding Visuals

Create interactive video loops and visual compositions with software e.g. Hydra

Together in real-time

Collaborative jamming IRL or online using Troop or Flok


As Newbie or Expert, this is a good opportunity to share your passion with others



What is on

14/06/24 Jam&Learn #1 First Gathering in Workshop
Software installation and Flok server testing
12/07/24 Jam&Learn #2 A round table in Mainhall
Workshop with Elie (Developer of Renardo) & jamming
09/08/24 Jam&Learn #3
13/09/24 Jam&Learn #4
11/10/24 Jam&Learn #5
08/11/24 Jam&Learn #6
13/12/24 Jam&Learn #7

Become Hitchhiker with skills and towel!

We are looking for Live-Coding Artists and Tutors

for our jam meetups and future events

Get Involved!

The Place

According to the club members' “findings,” the space station c-base once got into a time hole and crashed to Earth from a distant future due to the suddenly changed conditions. There were a number of highly technical developments and life forms that had not yet been researched on board.

  • 4500000000

    Age of Space station
  • 1995

    Year of Discovery